About Gronika


„Each and every single piece I create contains a fragment of myself. My work explores my own curiosities, feelings, explorations and emotions. My infatuation with the surrounding world manifests itself in my paintings.”

Gronika`s paintings over the last 5 years are mainly created around the idea of love and all its forms and nuances. Love towards the surround nature (Continents, After Armenia), love in its futuristic forms (The Colors of Love) … Just love.

The author uses her favorite tool, the oil paintings, to develop and show the public the many colors hidden in our ordinary world. The viewer can experience the exquisite of the everyday things through her paintings. Gronika provokes the audience to look for and feel the warmth and the nuances of the different colors in the different contextual scenarios.

Challenging one’s thoughts, her projects are a complex layering of stories, images and landscapes.

“After all, art remains one of the strongest mediums of how we share our thoughts and ideas.”

G. Kavafyan



2016 Debut Exhibition “Ж.2“

2016 “The Continents”

2017 “Colors of love”

2017 “After Armenia”

2018 “Find Yourself” – art project places in the subway station in Sofia

2019 “Sea”

2019 “Armenia and Bulgaria – Colors and Shapes”


Other Projects

2016 Participation in the exhibition “Armenia`s Faith in Paintings”, The Russian Cultural Informative Centre Sofia

2018 Participation in the International Festival “Hello Armenia”

2018 Participation in The Cultural Fest kvARTala in Plovdiv

2019 Participation in the International Festival “Hello Armenia”