Armenia and Bulgaria

The exhibition “Armenia and Bulgaria – Colors and Forms” presented 29 authors from both countries. This unique exposition, revealed to the art lovers a small part of the astonishing work of the gathered artists from Armenia and Bulgaria.

The main creative focus of the exhibition was to bring to the attention of the viewers the richness of the different art styles gathered in one place , to show the beautiful and various artistic expressions from the authors, as well as to bring even closer the international art communities from Bulgaria and Armenia.

The exhibition was executed under the patronage and the financial support of the Ministry of Culture.

With the kind support of the Armenian General Benevolent Union “Parekordzagan” /AGBU Sofia, “Parekordzagan” /AGBU Varna and the Art Gallery of the National Palace of Culture.

The opening was held on July 1,2019 in the Art Gallery of the National Palace of Culture, Sofia. It was also presented in the Archeological Museum in Varna.

Abrahamyan Khachik, Adalyan Ruben, Aslanyan Shahen, Avetisyan Hasmik, Avetisyan Gor, Davtyan Davit, Dermenjyan Armen, Grigoryan Aharon, Harutyunyan Yura, Khachatryan Gagik, Mirzoyan Hrant, Petrosyan Martin, Shugarov Andrey, Smbatyan Artur, Sohomonyan Anna, Talalyan Aghasi, , Talalyan Artavazd
Agopyan Heni, Andonov Georgi, Arabyan Hari, Chapkov Georgy-Chapa, Dragnev Chudomir, Gronika Kavafyan, Markarova Vergina, Muradyan Garo, Medzikyan Lusia, Nersesyan Arshak, Peneva Evelina, Karanfilian Nina, Karanfiilan Onnik